You have got to be kidding me!!

User Rating: 1 | Intellivision Lives! PS2
I grew up in a time where video games where just coming out on systems such as Atari,Intellivision,etc and I remember what it was like to play these games!! I was really hoping that when I bought this game,that I wouldn't be able to put this game down especially since there are over sixty games on here,but unfortunately,I just can't say this about this game!!

The Good:

Although there is a huge variety of games on here,there are some games that are just plain frustrating on trying to figure out how to play them! If you like a variety of games to play,you will like this collection,but don't expect to be impressed by the video game graphics,since alot of these games came out in the late 1970's-1980's!!

The Bad:

The graphics,the muffled sounds of the games and the controls for all of these games!! You cannot tell me that with today's technology,that the company that put out this video game collection,couldn't have adapted the controls to be used easily and effortlessly with the PS2!! Instead there is no instruction manual or listing of ALL the games that are supposedly on here!!

The Ugly:

The controls,no instructions for ANY of these games and of course trying to figure out how to play different games that look fun at first,but then have you really irritated because it is so frustrating trying to figure out how to get the control system to work from the old fashioned Intellivison style,to your PS2 format!! Sounds for the games are muffled,and some of the graphics for these games will give you a headache!!

I was really hoping that this would be a game that I would want to play alot and that I would never want to put down because I really enjoyed playing it,but unfortunately,I was very,very,disappointed with this game!! Do yourself a favor and RENT this game BEFORE you buy it!! The graphics are horrible,the sounds on this game are horrible,and again there are no listings of ALL of the games on here and there is NO INSTRUCTION MANUALS FOR ANY OF THESE GAMES!!