Many of my favourites are here, making it a decent collection for old school lovers like me.

User Rating: 7 | Intellivision Lives! PS2
Intellivision Lives! offers a lot for old school gamers that are feeling nostalgic.

Original graphics and sound are all present. There's a large selection of games available and some of my favourites like Astrosmash,Space Hawk, Sea Battle, Las Vegas Blackjack, and Bi-planes are here. There's also a few bonus features like unreleased games, and video's, however the quality of these bonuses are nothing to get excited about.

Unfortunately some of my favourites are also missing: Tron Deadly Discs, Mission X, and Lock n Chase.

How you access the games is workable. You walk around an arcade and pick machines that have groupings of games with a similar theme.

The controls work for the most part. I found them easy to manage myself, with a few exceptions. For example, the DROP keys aren't available when playing LV:Blackjack. You can even have an on-screen version of the controller, although it does take up a 3rd of the screen.