Definitely gets the thumbs up from me

User Rating: 10 | Insurgence - Chains of Renegade PC

After playing this game for a good portion of a day, I can say that Insurgence Chains of Renegade is a job well done by Platonic Game Studio.


The game is a 2D experience with a very classical execution of the RPG format. It is also referred to as a visual novel, which holds true as the visual scenes are excellent. The game does not lag on functional elements, however. The combat is turn based and will be extremely familiar to old or retro gamers. The playable characters can be leveled up and equipped with skills. There are over 40 skills for each character along with unique weapons and accessories for each. In terms of difficulty, there are 4 modes to choose from but it is only moderately tough even at the highest difficulty.


There is a capturing story communicated in the dialogue which almost makes it seem like you are reading a book. The story revolves around trying to stop a war that is eminent in Aereon. However, you and your companions quickly discover that things are not what they seem. The story touches upon elements of friendship, war and rebellion resulting in a wholistic experience overall.

Sound and Graphics

Sound is a big part of the game. It uses sound not only to enhance the story and emotion in the game but also the combat. Besides sound effects, it has also licensed two soundtracks by “fleurishana” which really add to the personality of the game. It also does well in terms of graphics, the 2D graphics are fully HD with well-designed characters and environments. It also includes beautiful collectable artwork by various artists as an additional perk in the story.


Insurgence Chains of Renegade definitely gets the thumbs up from me. It is not the most complex game you will find, it is a simple and classic RPG. Platonic has stuck to the basics and done it right. It will be enjoyable for anyone needing a nostalgic RPG experience.