A pleasant RPG game in turns with a Visual Novel touch

User Rating: 8 | Insurgence - Chains of Renegade PC
Pros  - A typical RPG game that brings a certain nostalgia for old games

- Visual Novel scenes were a great choice because they add something different and give an impression of more interaction with NPCs and characters

- Well-built scenery and terrific arts

- BGM and Soundtrack are lovely, with changes in crucial moments that make the game experience much more vibrant.

- Well-built history with unexpected twists.

- The game explains well how to play and has a very intuitive system, so it’s easy to adapt

- Very affordable price

- The difficulty is not exaggerated, so you don’t have to stay in repetitive battles to evolve and to be able to go ahead.


- If the player seeks a high level of difficulty, it can be disappointed since the game has a moderate challenge, even in the hard setting.

- Some bugs in the scenario and in some parts if the player tries to do something unexpected.

- Some crucial battles of the plot of the game are easier than expected, which leaves a flavor of protagonism of the characters

- Making money in the game can be frustrating when looking for the desired item, as this requires going back and forth to the same fields and fighting the same enemies (you could have a greater diversity of opponents).