A game with superb arts and amazing soundtrack!

User Rating: 7 | Insurgence - Chains of Renegade PC


+ The main character is specialized on "Black Mage" arts. Well, just look at my name.

+ Great character arts and CGs. By great, I meant it's really great. Far above your average RPG Maker games.

+ Amazing BGM. Most of them are just great and fit the theme on what situation you're currently in. Though there's some music that just annoying or out of place, but it's just a few of them.

+ Cheap price for all mentioned above.


- Field enemy always run towards you no matter the distance is, and they sometimes stuck and make a weird movement.

- The enemy affinity system relies on your memory. There's no bestiary AFAIK. Sometimes this leads to a trial and error on boss battle. Once you find the right skill, the battle is as good as over, or you just need to repeat it once.

- Some minor bug like sometimes you can't choose enemy for single target skill, warped to a wrong place, etc.