Insaniquarium Cheats For PC

  1. Santa Fish

    If you buy a guppy from the virtual tank store and name it "Santa" it will sing christmas songs and drop bags of shells.

    If don't like the song right click near him to tap the glass and he'll stop playing the song. However, this only stops the song he's currently playing. He'll still play songs at the usual intervals.

    Contributed by: BabaGan00sH 

  2. Original Prego Sound

    If you type "prego" during a game , it returns to the original Prego birth sound.

    Contributed by: A_The_Cheat 

  3. Bonus Pets and Limits

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Purchase between levels for 40,000 4 Pet Limit
    Purchase between levels for 45,000 7 Pet Limit in VT only
    Purchase between levels for 20,000 Brinkley the Scuba-Diving Elephant
    Purchase between levels for 25,000 Nostradamus the Nose-Fish
    Purchase between levels for 30,000 Stanley the Startingly Small Sea-Serpent
    Purchase between levels for 35,000 Walter the Penguin

    Contributed by: chaos5fanatic 

  4. Misc. Codes

    Type the following at any tank screen:

    Effect Effect
    zombie all fish "look" dead
    space backround is now "space"
    void backround is now a blank white screen
    B Bubbles rise from the bottom of the tank
    welovebetatesters changes Breeder fish's birth noise
    supermegaultra changes preggo's birth noise
    time displays time on tank
    wavy tank backround waves

    Contributed by: Joe915, DeathIce 

  5. Unlockable pets

    Beat any level in adventure mode to get the coressponding pet.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat 4-2 Amp the Electric Eel
    Beat 4-4 Angie the Angelfish
    Beat 3-4 Blip the Porpoise
    Beat 2-1 Clyde the Jellyfish
    Beat 4-5 Final boss fight
    Beat 4-3 Gash the Shark
    Beat 3-3 Gumbo the Angler-Fish
    Beat 1-3 Itchy the Swordfish
    Beat 2-4 Meryl the Mermaid
    Beat 1-2 Niko the Oyster
    Beat 4-1 Nimbus the Manta Ray
    Beat 1-4 Prego the Momma Fish
    Beat 5-1 Presto-chango, tadpole extrordinaire
    Beat 3-5 Rhubarb the Hermit Crab
    Beat 2-3 Rufus the Crab
    Beat 3-1 Seymour the Turtle
    Beat 3-2 Shrapnel the Mecha-Fish
    Beat 1-1 Stinky the Snail
    Beat 2-2 Vert the Skeleton Fish
    Beat 2-5 Wadsworth the Whale
    Beat 1-5 Zorf the Seahorse

    Contributed by: chaos5fanatic 

  6. Giving shells

    Have 2 users, make second user beat level 1, then go to main menu screen, type give and you will see a screen pop up.

    Effect Effect
    Give Gives shells to other users

    Contributed by: joeismydog 

  7. Trophies

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Unlock all stories from challenge mode Gold
    Get all 4 bonus pets, 4 pet limit, and 7 pet VT limit Silver

    Contributed by: shadowlost8 

  8. Sandbox Mode

    Enter at the main screen, after you have the silver trophy. Note: use arrow keys for the listed directions.

    Effect Effect
    press: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a Unlocks Sandbox Mode

    Contributed by: BabaGan00sH 

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