It delivers an amazing DC experience, but not quite.

User Rating: 8 | Injustice: Gods Among Us PS3
Injustice God Among Us is a good fighting game. The roster has 24 characters, including favorites like, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. The fighting mechanics are do very well to have you think about your supermeter(or whatever it's called). The supermeter is filled in over time, as you beat someone up, or get beaten up. You then use the supermeter to perform the super version of your character's special move, adding more damage onto it,or save it for the wager match, where you can clash against the other fighter, resulting for a tie or for either of the players to get a damage or health boost. When it's full you can perform a certain super move that's for that one character only. Every character has a super, but over time it gets very repetitive, as every character has only 1 super move. Combos are easy to perform, if you are able to memorize them. Every character has a character trait, ranging from an annoying projectile you're able to spam, to a counter. Each and everyone of their designs make them feel very unique. The story is about two dimensions. In the other dimension, which is a parallel dimension, Superman is left with nothing, after Joker has him murder his wife, Lewis, while she was pregnant with his child. He also somehow launches a Nuclear bomb onto Metropolis. Why? Basically, Joker gets a dose of scarecrow's fear toxin, which tricks him into destroying everything he's ever fought for. Superman murders the Joker, while in the original dimension, Joker plots to launch ANOTHER nuclear bomb in Metropolis, while the heroes fight his accomplices, Lex Luthor, Bane, Deathstroke, and Catwoman. As the story goes on, the heroes, like Batman, Wonderwoman, Green Arrow, and Aquaman, they go on to fight all of their parallel counterparts( evil). Superman's side comes to be known as Regime, and the followers of Batman become known as the Insurgency. The story gets repetitive, after nearly every chapter, you'll be fighting yourself. There are also really, really annoying mini games between some fights, which gives the opposing opponent less health,
or if you fail, immune to light attacks. The dialogue and cutscenes are a nice touch to the story, although the story feels somewhat weak, with the multiverse and all. You can also level up while playing the game's story, so you won't have to start as a level 1 when you online.As you level up, you gain unlock keys and cards, where you can unlock different arcade modes/ handicaps, concept art, alternate costumes, in the Hall of Justice. The S.T.A.R Labs missions are very limited as you start out. You can't go on to play your favorite character's challenges starting out unless it's superman. Their are 3 conditions for every mission, which give you your stars, and some include fun mini games, while some are just plain annoying. The tutorial only teaches you to play your basic character's moves, but not how to ACTUALLY play your favorite character. They could've expanded on the tutorials a little bit more. This game has 3 modes online, Koth, Survivor, and 1v1. Survivor or Koth I have not played, but one of them is a King of the Hill mode. The backgrounds in Injustice are amazing. While fighting, the background is slowly destroyed as you go on to kick players into walls, etc. There are also level transitions, which are a great new touch to the game's fighting system. These cause about the same damage of super, but are fairly annoying sometimes. Tag team mode is no longer in this game like it was in Mortal Kombat, which is a huge disappointment, in a game like this, where there are teams of Superheroes and Villains. Every character has 1 intro, 1 outro, and 1 super, which is again, VERY repetitive after a while. There has been no problem with my Playstation 3 copy of Injustice online, like lag, but I can't say the same for Xbox. Some of these character's need to be nerfed, like Soloman Grundy or Bane, while others need a slower delay between projectile moves. Unlockables are disappointing, unlike Mortal Kombat, there are about 3 times as less unlockables in this game, than there was in Mk. The online, again, doesn't allow you to choose your opponent unless you're in a room. In ranked matches, you don't get to choose who you fight, sometimes they might have terrible connection, or be level 50 and you won't even know. Practice mode allows you to train yourself, while online practice mode, lets you practice with a friend, increasing your skill much quicker while chatting with a friend.Overall, Injustice is a great game with several flaws keeping it from being the best fighter out there. You should definitely go out and buy this now if you just love DC comics, and if you don't, buy it anyways, for it's excellent fighting system, great graphic and details, and mechanics. ----------------------8/10