Justice is Served.

User Rating: 9 | Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition PC

Always wanted to use that line...

The Good:

AWESOME Story; It has the same superb quality of a great DC Animated movie or a story arc.

30 infamous (and not so infamous) DC Characters are at disposal as playable characters

Each character has their own unique fighting skills, abilities, gadgets and super powers

Each character's super moves, lever transitions and clashes are very entertaining to do, and even more fun to watch.

Iconic locations of DC Universe such as Batcave, Arkham Asylum, Atlantis, Metropolis are used as combat arenas.

Great music

Voice Actors do a very good job at bringing the characters to life

Ability to change costumes is a really nice addition; What's more interesting is that some alternate costumes are actually different characters and have their own voice over. (Hal Jordon - John Stewart, Dick Grayson - Damien Wayne)

Many challenges addition to the story mode.

Playing multiplayer is really thrilling .

The Bad:



Not supporting 3-4 Players is rather surprising since NetherRealm's previous game Mortal Kombat has it.


PERFECT; That all there is to be told.

RATE: 9.5/10