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I am a big fan of DC and superheroes in General, which of course having been said, is the exact reason that playing this game is an insult to what we know about each of the characters in this game that we have grown to love.. We are reaching a point a videogames where old cliches and technological constraints that made it difficult for developers to exploit their creativity, are becoming a thing of the past, however despite our developmental leaps and bounds, I find we are still hanging own to old videogame cliches that simply need not be milked... the entire Stucture of Injustice, is clearly meant for Superpowered beings ONLY. I can't express the level of frustration felt, playing a game in which the joker can send Doomsday Sailing across a city crashing through buildings with an uppercut.. It is VERY obvious, that the developers of this game: "Completely paid no regard for the abilities of any of the DC characters, and simply created a highly destructable 1 on 1 fighter with ludicrous special moves with simply a cosmetic coating of famous superheroes". in game designed for DC comic fans, we find such mind numbing innanities such as Lex Luthor causing a nuke that explodes a continent as a supermove, and the fight continues somehow with only a little health being lost to an opponent, Or Batman being crushed by a wrecking Ball, run over by a speeding train, and then continuing the fight virtually unscathed. How about playing as the Flash, and moving just as fast as any other character in the game, with the only difference being a cosemetic blur effect giving the illusion of speed but really not doing anything.. Essentially, if you have a brain, and you are also a Fan of DC heroes, and you don't want to leave your love for hero consistency at the door... you won't like this game at all.. ------------------------------ At this point in gaming, this level of flagrant negligence is unacceptable... Creativity is limitless. It would have been much more interesting to have a system of class segregation, whereby if you dO in fact reeeeally want batman to fight superman, a MASSIVE handicap gets put into place where it's virtually impossible for batman(or whoever) win against an outclassing foe.. is it unfair?.. YES.. of course it is.. But that's how it should be. A game like this could work.. BUT, it needs to be approached with some imagination, and not approached with the Standard, tired old run of the mill formula we've used for videogames since their creation. Unless of course you're still interested in seeing the FLash run around the planet, and punch harley quinn in the face, only to have harley get right back up and Launch An industrial Dumpster across the screen in retaliation.. THIS GAME IS A HORRENDOUS EXCUSE FOR A DC FIGHTER, AND ONLY MAKES SENSE IF THE ONLY SELECTABLE CHARACTERS WERE: Superman, Doomsday, Shazam, Green Lantern, and Maybe Solomon Grundy. (i may be missing some) on the PLUS SIDE!! the game looks fantastic.. environments are rich and interactive, character models are the best i've seen in a DC game.. a true visual spectacle for any DC fan. But for me all that ends once i pick up the controller. it's hard to believe these developers didn't find anything wrong with this game when the play tested Catwoman getting punched through the planet, and potentially still winning a fight with doomsday. I'm sorry, but i can suspend believe a bit for videogames.... This is waaaay too much, over the top, and outright Stupid.. sorry.
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I just barely made it past your first few lines. This game is a fighting game... /thread

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Yes, it's a disappointment if you expected a game that strictly followed the rules in the comics. But the developers never said it would be anything like that, so why would you expect a game like that? They said it would be a fighting game, and fighting games thrive on a variety of diverse characters who are as balanced as possible. It doesn't make sense that the Joker could punch anyone that far, let alone stand a chance against Superman, but if they left the Joker out, who could they put in with Joker's unique play style? Character diversity is a higher priority than your strict comic rules. Class segregation would be a horrible move. It would fragment the community and it would be a lot harder to find a match and it would make those matches more monotonous. If you were a Batman fan, you would see a lot of the same characters when you fight. Superman vs. Batman following comic rules would be a boring fight. Either Superman would win with one punch or Batman would use a kryptonite weapon and win with one attack. If you want a fighting game with OHKOs, play Divekick.
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"I only play the Sims cause it's the only game that makes sense in real life." Get over it guy. It's not supposed to be super realistic. You already mentioned the fact that the game looks and plays great. Can you seriously not let your imagination go for a second and have fun? That's sad. You're missing out and I seriously hope you're trollin.
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you don't need to try to make sense out of something that is not trying to make sense.  Superman can fly for no logical **** reason.

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Have you not watched a single interview? In almost every interview they are asked this question. How Batman will be able to stand his own against superman will be explained in the story mode.

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after playing the demo a few times, Yea there is huge points where this is totally unrealistic to the DC universe. But the amount of fun i had playing it and watching the visuals, I forget the realism to the comic and remember "its a video game made for my entertainment"

that being said, get over it man.

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What a bloody pointless rant. You're trying to find logic where there is none. Why try and make sense of superheroes that don't even exist? Netherrealm have explained that the story will explain why Batman can, for example, stand up against Superman anyway. And it makes sense. If your logic was applied, then having completely weak characters in the game would be useless and destroy online play, and completely erase any fairness and be giving the middle finger to balancing which is heavily necessary for fighting games in the first place. Say someone wants to play as Nightwing, but they can't because they get annhiliated by a power character such as Doomsday whenever they fight him. They won't want to play the game will they? And that will majorly harm sales for the game. The logic of OP characters you want to apply to this game, is what fighting game developers intentionally try to avoid in the first place.
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I love the "In real life Superman would beat everyone" complaint.

all of these characters are fictional, and the fact that DC signed off on them using the characters tells me that they didn't have any problems with the direction that the story goes in.

get over yourself, if you don't like what the game is doing story wise don't buy it.

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The overdramatic title will never help if you want people to take your subject seriously. 


First of all, its a fighting game. If you would stay true to the lore you would break the entire game. Comic books themselves are famous for some of the most bullshit explanations for different things so i really dont understand why thats an issue now. If you are a comic book fan, you have probably learnt to deal with it by now.

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The game needs to be balanced to be enjoyable. Playing the game you just described would be a terrible experience.
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For the DC hobbist/realistic I am sure there are inaccuracies as you describe in the move sets, appearance, skins, story elements for each character.

However, at the end of this is a fighting genre game that needs to be most concerned with creating a fun, balanced fighter.

So I'd take an excellent, balanced fighting game over a medicore game that got all the DC accuracies correct! 

I loved the demo and I am certain I'll like the full retail version as well. My only complaint has to do with day one DLC, i guess it could be worse, tiger woods 2014 has 14 DLC courses (the irony) for $40 avi as day one DLC! 

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why the hell are you going to play a video game for its realism?


ppl play video games to ESCAPE reality.

or you can play the game of Life instead.

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The only real problem i have with the game right now is the controller's default setting if at the midnight release i cannot program a block 'button" instead of "back" i will not buy this game.
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and meanwhile at Dr. Zoidberg's : WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPwoooopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoop.......

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Cool story bro, tell it again :roll:

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make your own game?
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Nerd alert - In the Dark Knight comic book Batman kicks Superman's arse.....then (spoiler) croaks from a heart attack..... ....or does he?
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[QUOTE="gorguman"] it's hard to believe these developers didn't find anything wrong with this game when the play tested Catwoman getting punched through the planet, and potentially still winning a fight with doomsday. I'm sorry, but i can suspend believe a bit for videogames.... This is waaaay too much, over the top, and outright Stupid.. sorry.

so I'm just going to go ahead and assume you were playing as Doomsday and Catwoman beat you? That's the only logical explanation to this rant. If only the superpowered characters were selectable then the game would be awful because there would be no roster. All this rant is, is an excuse for you to cry about the fact that you got beat. Grow up.
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You do realize that if the game was more realistic, and Joker couldn't beat Doomsday, the game would be absolute shit. Only asolute idiots expect realism from videos games. If This game was completely acurate to the characters, everyone online would be playing Superman or Doomsday, the story would be terrible, and the game would be an utter failure. Not to mention the game hasen't come out yet, and Ed Boon has stated the fact that everyone is evenly matched is explained in the story. To sum up, stick with your "realistic games" (Non of which actually exist) and don't bother the rest of us who who like having fun.

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i think this thread should now be closed. It has no real complaint. The game devs have already explained the direction they took with this game. If it was going to be realisitc according to DC rules then the unbalancing would be unreal . Its a fighting game. simple.
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There is some plot device in the story mode that makes people like the Joker as invulnerable as Superman, but doesn't give them anything else. Kinda explains most things honestly.

If any of you want to look for it: It is introduced in Green Arrows part of the story( fitting too since he is just as weak as the Joker).

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i agree, when i saw superman punch the flash into outer space then punch him again back down 20 or so miles into the earth i laughed and said this game is stupid. a 2 year old would ask how the flash survived 1. getting punched by superman, and 2. how did the flash jump right back up off the ground after a 20 mile fall (notice i didn't even mention the force of superman's punch accelerating his fall and impact into the ground). 

Gods versus humans, how is this going to work. It's insiting that gamers are such ignorant and drooling morons that  you can make anything you want and people will lap it up. 

I think nthey are right from the looks of this blog.

This game looks cool, but you just can't have batman stand toe to toe with doomsday... If Superman can't how the hell is Batman going to?

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you only want it closed because you want the game. 

these comics games would not exist if not for the comics characters and their history. 

Mortal Kombat o.k. but Superheroes fighting other Superheroes is odd. Superman being hurt by anything other than kryptonite. Heh 

Yeah well...

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The basic story that has kept comics going for decades is the underpowered character finding a way to beat an insurmountable foe and writers have pulled all sorts of bizzare or illogical explanations out of their arses to explain how this is possible. Why can't this be done in a video game?

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This post is an EXTREME EXAGGERATION. The game is fantastic, I have it. Though you do make some valid points, they hardly wrecks the game, or impacts on gameplay. The only thing I can see that is CATASTROPHIC is your thought process. Talk about making a mountain from a mole hill :roll:

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So characters taking unrealistic damage in a fighting game and getting up like nothing is wrong bothers you? Do you even like fighting games? Because unless you only play MMA or UFC games you going to struggle to find a "realistic one"

In Soul Calibur all the characters would have one hit kills because who can withstand being slashed with a sword 20 times? In Dead or Alive they also have destructible environments such as exploding floors, falling from extreme heights and even vehicle traffic. The very idea of playing a game involving "super heroes" which are made up in the first plase is never going to be realistic but its not supposed to be. It's supposed to provide the player with a laugh some intense competition and plenty of wow moments as you unleash your character specials or send your opponent flying 100 metres through walls etc.

Everyone is entitled to their oppinion but you are clearly in the minority here. I love the injustice demo, I've watched every gameplay and interview video from day one and I LOVE IT! Just because it doesnt appeal to you doesnt make it a "CATASTROPHIC DISAPPOINTMENT"

Cant wait to play the full game and have countless hours of fun with my friends getting in this awesome game Netherrealm and DC have created for us.

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If I get a penny each time someone starts a thread to complain about a game after its release, I would be rich. :P

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Butthurt much?

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1. The creator of this thread is CLEARLY a troll. OP created this topic 12 days ago, and hasn't responded once. SO the OP either (a) doesn't care what anyone has to say, but judging by his very passionate feelings is highly unlikely; or (b) is a troll and created this thread just to make people angry.

2. OP's entire premise is flawed. You literally suggested Batman being unbeatable, except by who, Superman? Ridiculous. If followed to it's logical conclusion, every online game and versus match would have to use exactly the same character to truly test people's skill. Regardless, the game did everything it could to differentiate between characters in the way they interact with the environment. For a fighting game, that's about the only fair thing they could do.

3. The game is great and not a disappointment at all. The story is a little shallow and attenuated, but is still a blast to play and the exaggerated damage and game mechanics make you feel like you're truly in control of a superhero. What more do you want?

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Rant from the Opening Post aside, some of you need to acknowledge that not everyone is going to like the game that you like.

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How can non-metahumans take a pounding from metahumans and survive? How can they muster the strength for one really powerful strike that sends their opponents through buildings and such? Kyrptonian nano-technology silly, it increased thier bone and tissue density by several thousand percent. Didn't you pay attention to the story?

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Didn't you pay attention to the story?captmorgan72

Not everyone can stomach deux ex machina plot devices.