The Injustice of ignoring The Lantern Core

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I'm not the best gamer and dont claim to be an expert on the D.C. universe but this much i do know, a Greeen lantern belongs in this game and quite frankly,,,,,i am somewhat disappointed in the lack of interest. True, the Lanterns arent the Superman and Batman and wonder woman Flash and Aquaman founding members but as far back as I can remember, there's always been a Lantern in the mix at the heart of the D.C. Universe. So let's be honest, watching the premier videos, the creators say they welcome feedback but on the other hand it appears as if that feed back will have little impact on the characters chosen for this game. I love the previews for this game i bellieve that this game will set the new standard for fighting games. I am a mortal kombat veteran for years and for the last few years have been loyal to the Mortal Kombat vs. D.C. Universe online world. Maybe I am just a true Lantern nut case, but why couldnt a scenario involving the Green and Yellow lanterns be written into this storyline if there is so much "Injustice. I'm also not stupid enough to believe that they would release this masterpiece with only 8 characters. I have a funny feeling that the causal gamer is more familiar with the Green Lantern than with Nightwing or Cyborg anyway.Not that theres anything wrong with them, but the idea of finally facing that bastard Sinestro under these conditions and circumstances with these graphics and fighting capabilities is something that should be seriously considered. After-all, how can it truly be the D.C. Universe without input from the Guardians? I'm a Lantern slappy....SUE ME!!!!.....I cant help it...Hal Jordan and John Stewart have been my favorite hero's for as long as I can remember. The Green Lantern core will always have a permanent place in the traditional landscape of the D.C. Universe....too bad it doesnt seem to have a place in the hearts of the creators of this game.
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Chill braw, Green Lantern was confirmed a few days ago (relative to my post).


THere's still over half the cast not revealed, so there may well be another Lantern or two (not necessarily green) in there, likely Sinestro or something.

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I'm gonna go ahead and be 'that guy.' It's Lantern Corps. Not Core. Like Marine Corps.
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In my opinion green lantern is the character you can make most of. They can create a basic lantern, maybe hal jordan, and then just change the skin to kyle, guy, alan and john. On this way you can even change superman to mon-el. Another idea I have is, because green lantern has much more posibilities based on imagination, and i think in MK vs DC he had not to much, on his special moves they can make random holos. For example when he throw his punching glove, they can use a ball, a wheel, a can, a chair....whatever, but always making the same damage depending on the special move. Would be nice seeing maybe ten different holos on every move. Or even depending ond the abilities of the character, like military holos on john or more artful holos on kyle. Ps: Sorry for my english...but i live an europe...and learned it only by interest....its not perfect.
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I definitely agree. Green Lantern has a ton of potential. But because of that, there will be people who aren't impressed or satisfied with how he ends up being. It's hard to please everyone with Green Lantern. If the imagination and creativity isn't the problem someone has, it's the particular Green Lantern they went with (Jordan, Stewart, Gardner, Rayner, etc).

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Hi guys!

I don't know if you have watched the announcment video on the official Injustice Channel yet, but I'm happy to say that on Friday we'll be seeing both Sinestro and Hawkgirl in action in the following match-ups:

Superman vs Sinestro - Hawkgirl vs Green Arrow

Also, check the Injustice Wikia: the renders for all the playable characters look AWESOME!

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I really hope they throw in Atrocitus and maybe agent orange:) that would be really sick. Darkseid would be nice but for real with the lanterns, so many options and choices