Some info on Lobo, for those that haven't bought yet.....

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Everyone should be aware that when you buY Lobo, all you are getting is the character and an alternate skin for Batman (the Flashpoint costume).


You are NOT getting....

-any new icons, backgrounds, portraits, etc.

-a character model viewer or any sort of info on the character in concept art, etc.

-any alternate costumes for all.  He's just Lobo, and doesn't even get a Regime/Insurgency alternate

-any STAR labs challenges


I haven't beaten Classic Battle with him yet, so I don't know if he has an ending.  If he does I'm not even sure where you'd view it because he doesn't have an Archives page.


Overall, I love the character but not including these things in paid premium DLC seems lazy.  Every other character in the game has challenges, at least one alternate costume, and some icons/backgrounds/etc for reaching milestones with them.  Would it have killed the budget to put those things in?  Heck, they toss out icons and backgrounds for random iOS-linking stuff, why not for a paid download like Lobo?

Am I crazy?  Are these things hidden in there somewhere?

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I agree. I wasn't really interested in the icons/portraits and stuff. But it wouldn't have killed them to include an alternate costume and STAR lab missions
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I like that they appear to be including a Killing Joke Joker costume (my most request Joker skin) in the Batgirl DLC, but I'm still sort of regretting buying the pass. I assumed, wrongly, that all future characters would get the same attention as the on-disc lineup. That's not the case. I think I would have rather bought each character on its own and waited to see what was what.

Not inlcuding a way to view Lobo's ending is just weird. I beat the game with him, now my option for seeing the ending again is simply Youtube. Lame.