My own useless/pointless yet honest review/opinion

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Hello. Here is my pointless review/opinion to share with the masses (Including Battle Stick Review).


I will like to state first off that I am a huge comic/superhero fan, be it movies, comics,TV, video games, I love superheroes, Batman being my favorite. I am not a fan of fighting games. I did personally love MK9(ps3/psvita), and I thought Capcom vs Marvel on my PSVita was just okay (Don't care for STREET FIGHTER). So what did I think of this game? 


Story: As a super hero lover, and a batman fan, I found the story to be excellent. It's typical superhero fun. The story is short, very short...kind of ridiculously short, but its good from beginning to end(Yes, I read the prequel comics). It's unfortunate that you don't play as all the characters throughout the story, but that's just a small complaint(i mean you can play all of them from the get go.). Although it is short, there is enough to keep you going in other features. 8.0/10


Gameplay- Loved it. It feels a lot like MK9 yet the mechanics are slightly different to not feel EXACTLY like MK9. I enjoy the mechanics a lot more in INJUSTICE over MK9. It's easy to pick up for a fighting game for anyone who is not good at fighting games(or games in general/like my girlfriend who enjoys this game), but also it is technical enough for people who love fighting games and are good at them. Some people complain about balance issues. I haven't noticed any. I recently had a discussion with my friend about this game when he said Superman was OP. I disagreed. I think each character plays very differently, I believe that it all matters on YOUR play style, what type of fighter fits you(then again, not a fighter fan so don't quote me on my logic). The environment usage also make for a very fun, and sometimes strategic fight, and the super moves are super sweet. 9/10


Graphics- Another issue people seem to have are with the Cutscene graphics. I had no problem with them at all. I think they fit the style of this game, it seems pretty stupid to nitpick at graphics anyways, but I'm gonna give my God damn opinion anyways. During the awesome fighting, the graphics are gorgeous, the character models are sweet, and it's cool to see all these DC comic heroes rendered so amazingly in this game! The destruction looks amazing, and all the super moves look stylishly cool and sometimes jaw dropping(until they get old). The arena transfers look just as amazing as the super moves(question for anyone who reads this far: are there any arena transfers in the Atlantis level? And the fighter jet hanger??). 9/10


Sound- The sound effect in this game are poweful. From the punches, to the laser beems, to the batmobile ramming into Superman, and the flash running across the world to deliver booming strikes upon your foe! The music is also enjoyable with the very typical Heroic sounding music you get from superhero games/movies. Whats with the Red Sun music though? The voice acting is top notch, hearing Kevin Conroy as Batman is always a plus, although Mark Hamill is amazing as Joker, I have no issues with Richard Epcar. Also to hear that Stephen Amell did Green Arrow was sweet. Being a fan of the show!! Can I get an TV ARROW skin from one of you? Haha. 9/10


OTHER features/Replay Value: There is a lot here. From Story mode, to Battles with different scenarios, online multiplayer( lots of assclowns on here that spam, but I suck anyways so I stay off online, I did win ONE ranked match for my damn Yellow Green Lantern!), S.T.A.R Labs which has tons of mini-games for all 24 fighters. I'll go into S.T.A.R Labs a bit. I enjoy it. Some of the mini-games rank from really fun to plain crappy, but it's enjoyable, if not a bit hard on some occasions(Catwoman bleeding out against nightwing?? What the hell, I just suck). There is also a lot of unlockables to be unlocked as well!!  So if you like to unlock stuff, play some mini games, beat some spammers ass online, have a friend come over for some 1 on 1, this game will last you a while, you'll keep coming for more and more! -9/10


Now a bonus review- THE BATTLE STICK!


As a non fan of fighters I was skeptical of getting this, but also someone who loved MK9 on PS3 and then getting rid of my PS3 for an Xbox 360 and playing a copy of MK9 on my 360 and hating the crap out of the controller, I decided to purchase the Battle Edition. At first it took me a while to get use to the 5mins. Haha. I had an issue getting my character to jump back or forwards for some reason for almost 5 hrs! Then suddenly it started working...maybe I just sucked at figuring out how to jump, or maybe it fixed itself with constant playing (my friend didn't have this problem on his). I do not regret this purchase. It almost feels like you NEED this stick to play. It just feels so good and natural to play the game with this. The build quality is excellent and stick itself is very light. You can play it on a counter or your lap and it feels right either way. The glowing blue lights also look sweet. They have a setting for On/off/Pulsing. I have no Idea what pulsing does, it seems to not work...I think this is a wide issue, as my friends doesn't either, nor some guy on the internet who reviewed the stick. So oh well, still the buttons and stick feel wonder, and the build is nice. If you didn't purchase INJUSTICE yet, and they have this bundle, get it...unless you own a stick! 10/10(PERFECT SCORE, only because I was so hating fighting games on 360 controller)




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Not a bad review actually. I won't lie, I feel good when people speak positively lol. Though I can't help but wonder why you didn't post this in the review section. Oh well nevermind.
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Not a bad review actually. I won't lie, I feel good when people speak positively lol. Though I can't help but wonder why you didn't post this in the review section. Oh well nevermind.DamnILoveGames
Thank you, I'm not a pro at reviews, but I just like to give an honest opinion that isn't ever biased. I ended up posting it there. I completely forgot it exist! I've had this account for a long time and stopped using it until recently, so it slipped my mind!