My Most wanted Injustice Alternate Skins

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Bizarro (Superman) Man Of Steel (Superman) George Perez/Ed Benes (Raven) Classic (Wonder Woman) Donna Troy (Wonder Woman) New 52 (Aquaman) Aqualad/Tempest (Aquaman) Dark Knight Movie (Batman) Dark Knight Movie (Bane) Dark Knight Movie (Catwoman) Long Halloween (Catwoman) Dark Knight Movie (Joker) New 52 (Joker) GL Movie Suit (Green Lantern) Red Son (Green Lantern) Classic Captain Marvel (Shazam) New 52 Green Lantern (Sinestro) JL Unlimited (Hawkgirl) Unmasked (Hawkgirl) Red Arrow (Green Arrow) Robin (Nightwing) Kid Flash/Wally West (Flash)
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I'd rather have them show the love to characters that already don't have more than 3 alts. I think New 52 Aquaman, a Shazam w/o a hoody (like you said), and Red Arrow would be tight out of the ones you listed. Dark Knight Bane wouldn't work w/ his hitboxes (neither would Wally) and DK Joker would be a disgrace. I just want one good Green Lantern skin. That's who I main and the only one that looks remotely cool is Yellow Lantern, but I don't want to be a yellow lantern...
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I think my one dream costume., if I had to choose one, would be to have Parallax Hal Jordan for Green Lantern.  if I could have any one costume it would be that.

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Superman: Classic, Kingdom Come, Cyborg, Black Suit (from when he came back to life), Clark Kent, Silver Age Jor-El, Apokolips Elseworlds (evil-looking armor Darkseid made for him to wear)

Batman: Classic, Red Son, Earth One, Pirate (either Elseworlds or Return of Bruce Wayne), Thrillkiller, Vampire, Azrael-Batman Armor, "Dark Knight" movie (with matching voice!), Adam West 60's Batman TV series (would be EPIC with voice to match!)

Wonder Woman: Classic, Golden Age (similar to classic but with more of a skirt), Kingdom Come Armor, Ancient Greek Robes/Dress (she's worn them like civilian clothes sometimes when on Amazon Island)

Green Lantern: Hal Jordan Flight Gear, Parallax, Red Son

Hawkgirl: New 52 "Earth 2", Classic, Hawkworld

Green Arrow: Island Survivor, New 52, Silver Age (no beard), Longbow Hunters, Modern Classic (from the Kevin Smith years)

Raven: Teen Titans, New 52

Nightwing: 80's Classic (had a yellow chest design)

Shazam: Classic (no hood)

Aquaman: Classic, New 52 "The Others" (kind of tribaly looking), Alex Ross Justice Armor, Grant Morrison JLA (with the beard and the hook hand, if possible for the fighting style)

Batgirl: Silver Age Barbara Gordon, Golden Age (when it wasn't even Barbara Gordon, with the silly purse and everything), 1960's TV Series, Thrillkiller, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, New 52, Elseworld's Finest

I don't have much in the way of Cyborg or Flash ideas...they are already doing a classic Cyborg, and I don't think I'd want Reverse Flash as a simple skin, but rather a tweaked character playstyle.

Catwoman: 90's-era Purple, Silver Age, Sister's Keeper, Michelle Pfeiffer "Batman Returns" (never going to happen, but would be awesome especially if they got the voice samples), Eartha Kitt (from the 60's TV series, with voice)

Joker: New 52 (with skin-mask), Classic (purple trenchcoat with hat, a look he wore frequently), Killing Joke (Hawaiian Shirt, from the moment he shoots Barbara Gordon), "Dark Knight" movie (never happen because of Ledger passing, but would still be cool)

Harley Quinn: New 52, Arkham Asylum Nurse (from the first video game)

Sinestro: Green Lantern (with green energy to match), Classic (the blue/black costume we seem him in after his ring is taken away)

Deathstroke: Arrow TV series (with the mask)

Doomsday: Death of Superman (the full body suit seen in the background of the stage when you fight both costumes against each other)

Black Adam: Ancient (an Egyptian-like outfit he's worn in comics flashbacks)

Ares: Classic (Blue)

I don't have anything for Lex Luthor, because I don't know how much you can do with that giant suit. I also don't have anything for Killer Frost because I'm just not familar with the character. Solomon Grundy doesn't need anything more I think, and Bane already has his classic Knightfall look. And Lobo I'm just not sure of....he's had a lot of different looks but they're not boldly different.