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Can the public give suggestions for characters on the game? If we can I would like to see FireStorm in here.

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Star Sapphires

Indigo Tribe

Hawk and Dove

Wonder Twins

Query and Echo

Double Dare

The Powerpuff Girls

Lady Blackhawk

Renee Montoya as Question

Lucy Lane as Superwoman

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So many but to name some:
DONNA TROY (my fav!)
JERICHO (not sure how his moves would work though)

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I would love to see vixen, zatanna, poison ivy, and beast boy that would be epic

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Deathstroke, deadshot, Grifter, and Mr 8(Terry Sloan) from Earth 2 #0. Highly unlikely that my last three will make the cut, but it would make an awesome assassin pack!
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I know they aren't "DC Universe" characters, but the following should be in, just because the fans of DC as a whole -like me- wouldlike to see them fight to the death:

V (Vertigo is DC's graphic novel arm)

Rorschach, Silk Spectre, and Dr. Manhattan (Watchmen is the most successful graphic novel, why not pit these three against Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, respectively)

The Blackest Night Deputy Lanterns (Red Lantern Mera, Orange Lantern Lex Luthor, Yellow Lantern Scarecrow, Blue Lantern Flash, Indigo Lantern Atom, Violet Lantern Wonder Woman)

Black Lantern Variants (Batman, Superman, Hawkgirl)

Just a thought...

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That's a pretty good roster @glacierAF
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Also Iwould like to add black spider, would be a great addition for melee style combat.
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I don't think the developers have 100% decided on the characters, so they are looking at the community for feedback.

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I would like to see character from the legion, and from the justice society. Mon-El, Alan Scott, Jay Garrick. I think they aren´t to much complicated, they only have to change the skin. They can use the moves of the basic characters. And I want to use more classic costumes. For my taste they look to futuristic. Why don´t they use the new 52 costumes. The cape of Superman doesn´t look good conected to the shield.
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Poison Ivy

Black Canary


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They should add Raven because she can add such a different style of play and abilities into the mix. But other than her Canary, Zatanna and Martian Manhunter are my next picks. So many good characters they are probably going to over look.
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I agree 100 % with you about raven, she is a versatile character that could bring some animalities to the table. I am pretty sure that Martian Manhunter has a good chance of making the cut. @Flordererrey I hope they bring back some of the classic costumes for alternates.
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Can the public give suggestions for characters on the game? If we can I would like to see FireStorm in here.

I would like to see Amethyst although I know she wont be in it but she is awesome!!
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Terry from Batman Beyond

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Terry from Batman Beyond


I suppose you like knock-off/spin-off characters? I am getting the impression that you are the sort that like under-represented characters.

Personally, I would like Plastic Man to be featured - if only to see how NetherRealm would animate him without stretching his textures and get them all blurry.

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Martian Manhunter.  He's a JLA member in just about every DC animated series/ movie, yet he always seems to be overlooked when it comes to the games.


Animal Man/ Vixen.  Basically the same powers, although I would favor Vixen to balance the gender disparity a bit.


Dr. Fate/ Zatanna.  Yeah, "Shazam" is already there, but I'd like to see a more traditional magic user.  I'd favor Zatanna for her stage magician-like abilities.


Plastic Man.  Even if it's just a cameo, I'd like to see him pop in right when the story starts taking itself too seriously.


A villian who is usually an enemy of the entire JLA rather than one individual hero.  Despero, maybe?


Amazo.  I'd like to see him as a "random character select" type.  Instead of just winding up with a random character, he would mimic the abilities of a random combatant.


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Atrocitus....i really want him in there
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Granny F***ing Goodness?!&?... seriously???.. Look guys/gals... please stop with those ridiculous suggestions.. It's a fighting game.. not a list of every character we can possibly think of. Chances are there's only going to be so many slots.. so we need put the absolute essential character's into this game... In other words we need to vote for the most critical and important characters to make it in this game.. not some random obscure character's like Granny Goodness...0_o.. I would hate to see her take a spot from Martian Manhunter.. Plus, we should probably think of characters that would actually make good fighter's (for a fighting game) or that compliment character's already in the game..IE; villain or hero to a character already in the game...

My picks:

Martian Manhunter* -(Another Sup's clone but could be done/animated differently, Needs to be in as he's an essential JLA member)


Dark Seid -(We see him as an NPC in a video..possibly might stay as NPC rather then being playable)

Black Adam -(though he may be too similar to Shazam, would be great counter to him)

Swamp Thing or Gorilla Grodd


Booster Gold*

Blue Beetle

...On a side note... has anyone seen the character select screen in the demo that was played for this game?.. Some of the above characters were shown on the selection screen.. Not sure if that was just done as a joke or if it was a possible leak of real character's headed to the game... Google it as I can't find a way to post it in this message..

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@glacierAF  I would crap my pants if Rorshach was put into the game.  This is the perfect opportunity, seeing as all the characters can damage each other and the rules are pretty much out the window.  I say we get a petition started.