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I need help completing the all trasitions requirement to unlock batman beyond. It's just too difficult to try to complete when the other person is just jumping over your head constantly. Is anybody willing to help me? I can help you in return if you are also trying to get the batman skin.
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why do you need him for ios game? If you need him for console version then buy batman card.
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i can help you if it's on ps3.

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Playstation 3 version: Anyone out there willing to lose to me so I can get the Batman Beyond skin? None of my friends have this game. I tried to get it yesterday but all the people online that agreed to help me ended up kicking my butt, picking an arena other than Metropolis or let me do the transitions then proceeded to pummel me. My stats show that this was my first time to fight online. My current score is 1 win and about 18 losses. The one win was from me getting fed up with one of the guys not letting me do the transitions. Basically I got lucky as I'm not a good gamer. I have a hard time beating my 7 year old daughter. Anyhow, if you are willing to help, please let me know by sending me a message on the PS3 network. Reference this thread. I'll tell you when I'll be on next and we can arrange it from there. Thanks a bunch. PS3 name: SlayersCouncil
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Hey guys i really need a WBID Account with Batman Beyond for ios I have ALL yes ALL the unlocks for console. Please I've looked everywhere for Batman Bayond I would really aprreciate anyones help!