Fun game.

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Well last week I started playing DayZ. And I quite enjoyed it. 

But then A couple dayz ago (lulz) I tried The War Z with my friends beta key.

This game is better in every way.
DayZ is so bugged it's not even funny. super slowed paced, glitchy zombies. Half the time my axe doesn't register to hit a zombie and I end up dying.

The War Z is actually responsive, It works. It doesn't take 2 hours of roaming around the map to find my friend like on DayZ.

My 24 hour key ran out for The War Z and I didn't hesitate to buy it.

IT doesn't feel like a beta. It seems pretty polished. (for the most part)

It's actually a challenging game. I find myself dying a lot. (which is rare in games these dayz) ( lulz)

If you don't like dying to random players don't join a populated server.

If you have a friend to play with. It is quite fun.

I mean it's 15 dollars. I don't know how any one can complain. 

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Are you trying to convince me that the game isn't fun or somthing? 

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I honestly don't understand your idea of "Fun" but hey to each his own I guess. I hope you enjoy it. Played this at a friends house and man was he ever pissed he payed for it. I logged in to play and 5 out of the 7 times I started a game I was instantly spawn killed by some jerk off who I couldnt even see. Game is horrble IMO. The animations feel so disconnected and sluggish to me. And paying real money for item you can lose 2 seconds into spawning is rediculously retarded. I don't know. GOOD LUCK

I didnt come here to just bash the game. I hoped it was going to be good but was utterly disappointed and honestly I was curious as to why this game was at the top of the pop list on the gamespot homepage. lol

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The game was sluggish? Are you sure his pc was able to run it properly?
Well if you are dying to players a lot join a low populated server and just play with your friends. It's quite fun then.

Also... No one is forcing you to pay real money for those items you can lose once you die. lol. Calm down. 

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The impression that I have is that this game is managed by an organization that doesn't value its customers and look for any chance to nickel-and-dime players.

You may praise it for now, SniperFire17, but just wait until you get into a customer dispute with Hammerpoint. You won't be singing the opening post again after that.