Cole, the brightest exclusive spark on PS3

User Rating: 9 | inFamous PS3
Superheros are short on the PS3. There's the terrible SpiderMan games, and that's about it. But now, Cole is here, in inFamous, the brightest exclusive spark on PS3, but its not perfect and there are a couple of problems, but its still a brilliant game that will leave superhero fans shocked.

In inFamous, you play as Cole, who is a parcel deliverer in the fictional Empire City, which is based up into three seperate main areas/islands. One of Cole's packages explodes one day, and totally destroys the whole of Empire City, its civilians, the laws, everything is destroyed. The only things that remain are Cole, half the civilians walking around aimlessly begging for help, rusty and in some cases destroyed cars, and many of the buildings survived the blast.

How the blast happened was mystery at the start, but as you progress through the story in the game, you will soon start learning the mysterious secrets.

In the blast which Cole magically survived, magical electric powers got into his system, and he is introduced with the Shockwave Blast and the ability to recharge via anything. As you progress through the story in the game, when you gain kills you will earn XP which you can use to buy and unlock new superpowers to enter Cole's inventory.

Also, you gain XP from completing the many missions around Empire City, and all of this offers a solid challenge with a good sense of acheivement, and challenge. Many missions are side missions started by speaking to many of the poor civilians on the street, ragged and hurt. Some will be zapping hidden cameras set up by the Reapers, or killing them to clear the area. The main story missions offer more XP and also the areas get more cleared from the evil Reapers.

So, what are these evil Reapers? They are gang members, but after the blast they became more of that: they are now official enemies who will do anything to kill innocent people and make sure they survive by stealing food. They are scattered around the city and you must defeat all of them to clear areas, like I said.

Cole must survive to: and to do this he must steal food as well, but only if you want him to. Welcome to Karma moments: the meat and potatoes of inFamous' mission, combat, and story structure, and basically the whole game itself. If you choose something bad, like stealing food and having it for yourself and maybe even friends, or you can give it to those poor and innocent civilians. Evil actions take their toll on you, ultimately you become evil, and so does the Good actions. You play how you want to in inFamous, because of all of this.

The combat is solid and interesting and defeating Reapers with your special powers. Many of you battles will be up walls, in sewers and all over the place in the destroyed Empire City. Climbing up walls is a simple skill and trick to pull off and it is unlocked at the start of the game, and you can climb and grab onto anything you like and clumb up onto it, and straight up it. Also, along with the average superpowers you can have special ones, which still are unlocked at the start of the game, like everything else, but can be upgraded, so a Slam Drop, when you drop off something and also let off a massive powerful eletric surge, which defeats anything in its way and can be upgraded to make it bigger like I said. For a price of course, like all of the other unlockable and able to buy superpowers in the game.

Once you have completed the story in inFamous, you can go on a massive search to find all of the Blast Shards in the city, and also you can play the game again on different difficulty levels, and as different personalites. (Evil and Good.)

The down points of inFamous come in the form of no online and grainy graphics. The first one is simple to explain: there is no online which I think is a great dissapointment. Imagine roaming around Empire City with you friends, having team games and free for alls, and some sort of co-op mode where you would bunch up with your friends and defeat Reapers.

The second one isn't so easy to explain: the fact that, whilst they are good and nicely detailed, really showing how bad Empire City is destructed, they have a slight layer of grain to them and this results in them lacking a bit of extra polish that they need.

Also, sometimes it can be annoyingly hard, and the controls can be very awkward.

Overall, inFamous is a great game and only a couple of very small but easily fixable problems get in its way. Cole is the brightest exclusive spark on PS3 in inFamous, and its one of the best exclusives on the PS3 as well. Worth a buy if you own a PS3, and are a massive fan of superheros. If you aren't really a superhero person, its still worth a buy, because there are many other interesting things you can do that will grab you attention.