Infamous is a very fun and interesting game.

User Rating: 10 | inFamous PS3
Infamous is a very fun and interesting game. The story is great and the ending is the best part. It starts with Cole MacGrath, an average bike messenger, waking up in a giant blast crater caused by a massive explosion and then he then gains electric superpowers. During the game Cole is trying to find out who/what caused the explosion and stop them while saving the city. As he progresses he gets many new, cool powers. There are plenty of powers and upgrades to get and plenty of collectables to get, such as dead drops and blast shards, which give you a good to explore the city. The city is amazingly designed and the graphics are great. It is not the same thing constantly; it changes depending on which area you are in. But there are a few glitches in the graphics and game play but just a few minor ones. The game also has karma choices. If you become good your powers become safer and more helpful but if you become evil your powers become destructive. The game is even fun enough to play through a second time to try out the opposite karma then the one you played on the first time. Overall, Infamous is a great game in every way, story, graphics, and game play.