inFAMOUS is the best superhero game ever

User Rating: 9 | inFamous PS3
In inFAMOUS, we are Cole, a box blows up in his face and is given the power to be electrifying, literally. The game was revolutionary because its the first game that I've played that gives a choice to the players to be good or bad resulting in different situations but builds up to the same ending.
The game has a karma system where the meter gauges your "good" or "bad" karma depending on your actions. The karma system is sometimes annoying because if you've chosen to be good and suddenly want to mess with some innocent civilians, well you can't.
The game has a lot of suspense in the game and has many twists and turns and keeps the suspense till the end.
The gameplay is superb and is extremely engrossing but beware the game is also very addictive and its hard to stop playing.
The game's story kept me guessing till the end which I loved, the ending is an amazing cliffhanger-ish ending I can't wait till inFAMOUS 2.