Great Game!

User Rating: 9.5 | inFamous PS3
I remember when my friend downloaded this demo for this game I actually hated the game. Although it really was intriguing, I played the demo a couple of more times until I figured out the game play. At the time I did not own a PS3, so I was unaccustomed to the controls.

I'm super happy that I muscled through the initial not knowing how to play the game because when I got my PS3 I couldn’t put this down. The game is easy enough to the point that it is not frustrating. This is great also because the missions are not so long and in depth that if you do fail that you don’t have to relive the last 20 minutes of Cole's life to only fail at the same point again. The respawn in the longer missions is right on target. Although, I do feel as if there should be some penalty to dying, but just a though. It certainly did not take away one iota from the game or fun.

It's really nice how the powers are gradual and when new powers are learned that you the player are forced to practice the new powers in order to fully understand, I think a great move on the part of the designers.

I decided to play and do all side missions, marked yellow, with the main mission marked in blue and it took me a good 2-3 weeks to fully complete. I really am surprised on how much I really did enjoy this game because I didn’t force myself to complete it, I wanted to.

I think that inFamous would have defiantly have been 10x more successful if it was available on multiple platforms, because it's too good to keep from the rest of the gaming community.