Not Bad, Not Great

User Rating: 7.5 | inFamous PS3
I'm not happy I have to premise a review by saying this, but I feel that if I don't, fanboys will simply mark this review with a thumbs down and read no further. So, let me start off by saying, I don't own a 360, I'm not an Xbot, and I really dig Sony and their products. With that out of the way, let me elaborate on why I think this game is merely decent.

Now, it was my understanding before setting out on this adventure that this was a game based on a comic-book franchise. With that in mind, I wasn't expecting GTA. Unfortunately, that's pretty much what I ended up with. Though Cole's powers are cool and many of the gameplay ideas inspired, the game wasn't very fun for me.

However, I don't want to grade the game based solely on the amount of enjoyment I had with it. Speaking objectively, the controls weren't great, Cole's movements were sticky, and there were all sorts of problems related to bugs and glitches, not to mention the missions being mostly a chore.

When I first began playing, I was really surprised by just how floaty the controls were. Cole loosely glides around environments like a poor man's Prince of Persia. He also wants to stick to just about everything in the game. The premise for his climbing abilities is really cool, but he'll often get stuck on objects at the worst times.

Lastly, the missions, for me anyway, just sank the ship completely. After several hours, I finally gave up and sent the game back to Gamefly. Escort missions? Check. Defeat a collection of bad guys? Check. Protection missions? Also check, and the repetition -- at least of what I played of the game -- was atrocious. After seeing the sewers countless times in only a handful of hours, the game started to stink.

The game doesn't look too hot, either. When watching video of the game online, it looks pretty impressive. FIrst-hand play, however, is another matter altogether. The framerate holds up fairly well, and generally speaking, I'm pretty forgiving of less-than-stellar details when it comes to open-world games. That being said, the details on the main character, even, were poor in some areas, namely his arms and legs -- huge blurry globs of polygons.

Now, I know it might sound like I'm being harsh. To be perfectly honest, the game's real problems are easily forgivable if you're into the gameplay. For me, it just wasn't happening. I can definitely see some folks enjoying the game, and I wouldn't accuse anyone of having bad taste for doing so. Still, there are obvious problems and some lazy design that inspire me believe the game was highly over-rated by some critics. Buyer beware.