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I thought about buying this game, but i just want to know more about the game first.

What happens after the main story, can you roam free in the city afterwards?

Me and my friend enjoy playing superhero games like Batman and spiderman, and i'm wondering if this is worth it?

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It's well worth the $10-$20 you will pay for it now (worth more than that in play value). As a superhero he would fit in well with the likes of Spiderman and Batman. The game has a good atmosphere, likable characters, and villains worthy of being hated. The gameplay mechanics are absolutely AWESOME! It dosen't do anything that I haven't seen before but it's one of those games that just begs to be played with. I found my self laughing at some of the moves but it was because they were so ridiculously over the top that the laughs were a good thing. Also, yes you can play after the game is finished. As a matter of fact, there are so many side missions that you will have plenty more to go after the game is over. Bottom line is that if you like Batman and Spiderman games you would be a fool to not to buy it. I just REALLY hope Sony keeps this as a long running franchise:)

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be warn their are some odd mission bugs and general awful camera angle when jumping from building to building after the half way mark it gets bad