What can we expect from Delsin Rowe

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Alright I've been doing a lot of thinking on the new main character of the inFAMOUS series Delsin Rowe; who as most of us know has power over Smoke and POSSIBLY Fire and he battles brutually and with a chain that is wrapped around his wrist. Now clearly there is some back and forth because Cole's story is over and they've got someone new but lets see what we can expect from the new guy; or at least come up with that we think would make him a good successor to Cole MacGrath. Here is what I am thinking:

  • Free flowing combat
  • Teleportation
  • Pryokenisis
  • Vapor manipulation
  • High Stealth
  • Fire/Smoke grenades

And those are to just name a few things he'd be capable of if Suckerpunch decides to go that route. As for ionic powers or super moves; I don't have much to say on that just yet because with smoke thats difficult but with fire thats a while other story; cause think about this...I highly doubt a simple smoke charged grenade would have enough power to take out a few guards and an armored personel carrier in one shot; so clearly he'll have pryokenisis because it just makes sense that he would. Leave your ideas and who knows some of you might call or guess what powers he'll have in the game...and Suckerpunch if you are reading this...PLEASE make this guy worthy to be the successor to Cole MacGrath...Lightning is tough to beat and it's my favorite of the elements in terms of super powers....so make this guy a heavy hitter please!