Good game, but with the time the game it's getting cloy

User Rating: 7 | inFamous 2 PS3

Graphics: 8,5

History: 7,5

Characters: 8,0

Soundtrack: 8,5

Gameplay: 8,0

Replay: 5,0

Infamous 2 takes place in a modern-day world where people with super human abilities, called Conduits, exist-created by a device called the Ray Sphere. The Ray Sphere unlocks these abilities in rare humans who possess the Conduit gene by siphoning away the energy of regular humans, killing them. The first such event granted electric-based abilities to Cole MacGrath, but devastated his home of Empire City. The event is part of a scheme instigated by Kessler, revealed to be Cole from an alternate future where a creature known only as the Beast has ravaged the world. Kessler fled the Beast with his family and they died as a result, forcing Kessler to use his newest power to go back in time and better prepare the Cole of the present. Clandestine organizations attempt to create and use Conduits for their own purposes and see Cole as one of the most powerful, attempting to gain his aid or eliminate him.

In my opnion is a nice game, but whit the time is getting boring, but worth the play.