A unique game with a gripping, thrilling and interesting storyline.

User Rating: 8.6 | Indigo Prophecy PS2
Fahrenheit is a game I am glad I picked up. At first it seemed a little complicated getting used to (from playing the demo on an Atari demos disc) but eventually I got the hang of it and soon finished the demo. This sparked me to purchase the full game at a good price of £9.99. I am glad I made this purchase as this game has so many different ways to it. I love it and it is one of the most enjoyable games I have played this year.

We are introduced to several key characters in the game. The first is Lucas Kane. He was used to carry out a killing by someone else (proxy). This then sparks of an investigation into the killing by two police officers (Carla and Tyler). These two characters are also controllable in a lot of the game. A few other characters are also controllable but not so much as the ones I just mentioned. Some chapters even let you choose what police officer you want to be and you can swap between them during gameplay. Away from the main storyline we are introduced to Tyler's relationship and Carla's loneliness. So, there will be some "off-topic" moments. but these don't detract too much.

What I like most about this game is you can go in the direction you want to go. You control what happens next based on the decisions you make. So, there are probably dozens of ways to go in this game which will eventually lead to the ending. Now, because of this I think it will make you want to play through it again but differently.

It's simple to play. All you need to do is keep track of the storyline and make the right decisions. You'll also need to be prepared for some button mashing in some scenes and remembering combinations of the analog sticks. It's a good idea to be reactive a lot so drink some coffee before playing. The controls are basically you using the analog sticks during most of the game. I doubt you'll ever press the X or O button much except when in the menus.

The biggest letdown is the graphics though. When I first played the demo of Fahrenheit I thought this was an early version of the game but no, I was wrong - this is the actual quality of the graphics when I picked up the full version. Thank goodness for the good storyline which will probably make you buy it. This game would of gotten a really good rating if it wasn't for the bad graphics. It just looks like an early PlayStation 2 game. The characters will have a lot of polygons missing of them and some of the structures just don't look very impressive. If a similar game were to be developed by Quantic Dream then please double the graphics quality.

The sound is by far brilliant. Voice work is clear and it really seems like it is coming out of the character. Really good acting for Lucas Kane and Carla. The cold blizzard sounds and other background sounds add to the addicting gameplay.

Purchasing this game I recommend. You could rent it but you probably won't have enough time to check out all the different ways of playing through the storyline. If you do purchase this game, then you can play through the storyline for many hours and when you're finished you can explore it differently. So, this definitely adds up to more hours of gameplay. You'll also be entertained by the occasional jokes and sex scenes.

Despite the poor graphics it doesn't mean it isn't worth buying. I bought this game for the storyline and gameplay. It would of added to the value if they had much better graphics on the characters and backgrounds though. I hope to see another game with a different story to it containing all of the elements of Fahrenheit sometime in the future.