A very in your face game. This game holds nothing back, and gives an amazing cinematic experience.

User Rating: 9 | Indigo Prophecy XBOX
The game's content did surprise me at first, because most M rated games aren't as bad as people say these days, and when you have played GTA, you feel like you have seen at all. But this game displayed things that GTA only shows behind closed doors, closed car doors actuallly.

Anyway, this game, beside the content, is an extreme emotional rollercoaster. I was very much on the edge of my seat playing this game. The involvement in the cinematic cutscenes is very frustrating at times, but very much worth it in the end. It is great how the game allows someone to do almost all the normal things one would do in life, but at the same time, try to complete tasks that will keep you from getting killed or going to jail. This is where all the excitement and suspense lies in the game. The involvement could be as simple as moving the analog stick to spin a yoyo, or pressing buttons as if your life depended on this game of simon says. ;)
A person can have fun with this game, if they have some seriously fast reflexes, because it was difficult to spot the color and location on the screen and press the button according to it. It sounds easy but once you try it, your eyes won't even blink for like half an hour straight.

The graphics are not too bad. I have seen worse. They are okay when placed with the story and characters. It is interesting to play two other characters besides the main man, Lucas Kane. I found it funny and smart that you were able to lower the suspicion of the detectives, but at the same time raise it to get some clues and solve the case, all in one scene. ^_^

The fact that the game is called a cinematic role playing game is an understatement, because you pretty much ARE the characters in this game by the end of it all. And this is what makes it the best of its kind. The story in this game is deep and compelling, and if it were a movie, it would be worth the ticket purchase.