It Is by far the best game i have ever played. the story is fantastic its a dark creepy and thrilling suspense.

User Rating: 10 | Indigo Prophecy XBOX
Your Playing a Killer Whos murder was possessed by a Satan like Person. Your Trying to figure out who you are and you go through this system where you have to press the d-pad in multiple directions to pass certain obstacles. It Has its diffuculty but if you like great story games with alot of challenge this is the best game on xbox for story. Quantic Dream Knows What there doing when they make a Story based game. Its a Horror- Suspense Thrilling Adventure witch will keep you at the edge of your chair nail biting. Its a Movie Within a game or a game within a movie. No matter What you Do its amazing. If you Want To have a fantastic story with adventure thrills kills and joys. this game is utterly Freaking Amazing. Its got the Dark Hollow Feel That you get while watching a great horror movie. you Encounter Characters that you can relate to and you can Come to enjoy. The main character Lukas Kane is By far the best character for this role its up to you to decide his fate Whoever Hes a Good guy a Criminal or a jerk. You Decide His Fate.
Buy this game It Is One of the Best Games Ever Made. You will not be let down.