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Easy to use cheat tool for Legend of Dynasty that allows you to generate practically unlimited gems.

- Compatible with all iOS and Android devices (no jailbreak or root required).

- Integrated update feature that ensures full compatibility with future versions of the game.

- Completely undetectable with built-in anti-ban system.


Hey man! Have you ever seen Xu Chu spin discs? Have you seen Zhen Ji fight tanks? Have you seen Hua Tuo as a young hunk before? Have you seen the Red Hare and Green Dragon Crescent Blade in human form before?

Come take a look! The 2D fighting isn't quite the same in our Three Kingdoms~

The Chinese cartoonist has drawn the world of Three Kingdoms in a new dimension. Our professional engine brings you ultra-high definition native image quality, and the game is optimized for a high frame count sensory feast.

With 135 glorious heroes and 675 gorgeous skills, the special swipe screen battle controls make you really feel the intensity of your attacks and your bone-crunching hits. Watch the unique heroes interact and develop their relationships to explosively increase their military might.

Play the game and experience the 30+ movie-level cutscenes that change as you progress through the story. Train in different story paths and make friends in the Bronze Sparrow Terrace. Real-time CV voice interaction! 375 sets of sleek fashion outfits at your fingertips! And 200+ charming emoticons!

- Comic style art in a beautiful world

The Red Cliff battlefield, forests filled with birds, courtyards with falling leaves - epic battle maps drawn in cartoon style. Dynamic computing with light and shadow to create super realistic weather scenes and an immersive gaming experience.

- Swipe your finger to unleash a flurry of attacks

Two control methods - the same unbeatable sensation! Creative screen controls - swipe your fingers to sweep and slash at your enemies or to move instantly. Classic button controls that brings you back to the age of arcade games. Easy to learn - become a master and lead your army!