Independence Day Cheats For PC

  1. Misc. Passwords

    Go the option menu and enter the following as your name, then exit the menu and go to the game select screen and quickly press Ctrl + Right shift + 8. The cheats will now be enabled.

    Effect Effect
    RADARMY Enable all cheats
    LIVE FREE Invincibility
    FOX ROX Level select
    MR HAPPY Select Plane
    GODZILLA Target civillians
    TOURIST Tourist mode

    Contributed by: monobrow 

Independence Day Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Level Passwords

    If there is a memory card in your Playstation, take it out. Highlight the Options screen and press Start. Pick Load Game and press Start to bring up the password screen.

    Effect Effect
    BBFHB Canyon level on easy
    BBFQC Canyon level on hard
    BBFMC Canyon level on normal
    Z99HY Las Vegas level on easy
    Z99QZ Las Vegas level on hard
    Z99MZ Las Vegas level on normal
    NL9HW Moscow level on easy
    NL9QX Moscow level on hard
    NL9MX Moscow level on normal
    399HG Mothership level on easy
    399QH Mothership level on hard
    399MH Mothership level on normal
    GBKHW New York level on easy
    GBKQX New York level on hard
    GBKMX New York level on normal
    T59HW Oahu level on easy
    T59QX Oahu level on hard
    T59MX Oahu level on normal
    LLSHW Paris level on easy
    LLSQX Paris level on hard
    LLSMX Paris level on normal
    R39JD Tokyo level on easy
    R39RF Tokyo level on hard
    R39NF Tokyo level on normal
    DBKHN Washington level on easy
    DBKQO Washington level on hard
    DBKMO Washington level on normal

    Contributed by: Joon 

  2. Extra Options

    At the main menu, press Left, Right, Square, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Down. To change the options, enter the following names at the Name Entry screen:

    Effect Effect
    FOX ROX Change City
    GO POSTAL Change Other Options
    MR HAPPY Change Plane

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre 

  3. Cheat Mode!

    Choose ''Options'' from the main menu, then select ''Player Name'' and enter your name as ''GREG FM'' (Be sure to put a space between the second ''G'' and the ''F''.) Now return to the main menu (The one that says ''Single Player/Multiplayer/Options'') and press Left, Right, Square, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Down. A ''Cheater'' menu will appear with 12 different cheat options.

    Effect Effect
    Plane Choose any craft; "BAC" is the alien spaceship.
    Fast Reload This allows you to fire missiles more quickly.
    Invincible Turn this option on and you'll take no damage.
    No Time Turn this option on to disable the timer.
    Tourist Turn this option on to remove all aliens.
    Weapons Turning this option on will give you infinite missiles.
    City Use this to warp to any stage.
    Damage Bonus You can kill enemies with just one missile.
    Kill Civil You can lock-on to non-enemy objects and blow them up.
    Kill Wing You can lock-on to your wing-men and shoot them down.
    Demo Cam You can't play the game with this option turned on, but you can use the D-pad and buttons to explore each stage at your own pace.

    Contributed by: Sinister187 

Independence Day Cheats For Saturn

  1. Cheat Codes

    In the options menu, go to ''player name'' and enter any of the following codes as a name. Some of the cheats require an additional code to be entered, to do this go to the Main Menu and press Left, Right, Up, Down, X, Z, Y to open the menu.

    Effect Effect
    RADARMY (then Main Menu code) Cheat Mode
    FOX_ROX (then Main Menu code) City Select
    GO POSTAL (then Main Menu code) Fast Reload, Damage Bonus and Weapons
    LIVE FREE Invincibility
    GODZILLA (then Main Menu code) Kill Civilians and Wingman Options
    MR.HAPPY More Planes
    TOURIST No Aliens
    NO TIME No Time
    Credits Watch Credits

    Contributed by: NiGHTS, Justoid27, Dark Goku