User Rating: 9 | Incoming: Ginrui Saishuu Kessen DC
Incoming is on PC and on Dreamcast, and is the Dreamcast version at the same level has the PC version.
Lets review the game.

The level desing is awesome, there are always diferent things to do, or difrent ways to go, so the level desing is awesome, just like the PC version, they are awesome, so all here is at the level of the PC version.

The graphics are awesome for the time, at 1998 graphics like this on a video game conssole just make fell like a god but, but to say the true, they dont use the power of the Dreamcast, exempel, the draw distance is horrible, the textures are awesome in some way and the are to much bad in other ways, the vehicles, the plans and more are low polygon contage, and thats bad, so they are at the same level has the PC version, but at last they aren't great, awesome for the time, but now we can see that they don't use of the Dreamcast power.

Here we have to much places to play, to much 6 difrent areas, and every one singular area has 10 missions, so at last we have 60 missions to do.

This game on Dreamcast is at the same level has the PC version.