Inazuma Eleven 3: Team Ogre Attacks! Cheats For 3DS

  1. Character Passwords

    Hidden all around the game are players that you can scout in the capsule machines, but only if you give them a password that can't be found inside the game. Here are all the passwords and who to use them for.

    Gungnir, Epsilon, Dave, Kyoto, Gaia recruit Dvalin (Dave Quagmire) who appears randomly on the left path of the pitch at Mary Times
    William recruit Isaac Glass (willy's brother) in the middle of the pitch at cloister divinity (Kyoto)
    word, ends well, believe, merrier recruit Janus (Jordan Greenway) who appears randomly in the mud pitch
    followrules unlock the character inside the main raisin building at the very left of the ground floor
    buildadeck unlock the character next to the capsule machine in the shopping area of the Japanese camp
    elements unlock the character on the top right of the Football Frontier International stadium car park
    letsplay unlock the first character (Andy) of two Raimon characters on the top of the stairs of the Magic Moves/Kool Kit in the English Camp
    broomstick unlock the first character of three Halloween characters on the bottom centre of Condor Stadium's second floor
    fullhouse unlock the last character in the side street screen of the Brazilian camp
    fullmoon unlock the last character of three Halloween characters under the bridge on the route to Hydra Stadium
    football unlock the second character (Aurelia) of two Raimon characters at the bar in the Maid Cafe in Northern Tokyo's Shopping Area
    wrappedup unlock the second character of three Halloween characters on the right side of the bridge in the route to Peacock Stadium

    Contributed by: Alec974 

Inazuma Eleven 3: Bomb Blast Cheats For 3DS

  1. Password characters

    You'll meet certain characters throughout the game who will ask for passwords. By telling them these passwords you may battle them in which they become available for recruitment via capsule machine, or if it's not a team password, they outright join you.

    Letsplay Andy (linked to Aurelia)
    Football Aurelia (linked to Andy)
    Elements Bernie (element team)
    Buildadeck Deck (The Card team part 1)
    Pumpkin Gouger (Halloween team)
    Fullmoon Howler (Halloween team)
    William Isaac
    Word, ends well, believing, merrier Jordan
    Fullhouse Pogue (The Card team part 2)
    Gungnir, epsilon, Kyoto, Gaia Quagmire
    Followrules Stickler (team)
    Broomstick Vicked (Halloween team)
    Wrappedup Wraps (Halloween team)
    Cappuccino Zolletta

    Contributed by: legendrider