impossible creatures is a great game, anyone witha creative mind and an enjoyment of rts games will love this.

User Rating: 10 | Impossible Creatures PC
impossible creatures is a game in wich the hero rex chance is searching for his father dr. chanikov after sending him a letter informing him that his father wishes to see him (apparently rex hasn't seen him over the course of many years).

when rex arrives at his fathers lab he is attacked by coyote scorpion crossbreeds controlled by upton julius, the games villain and murderer of rex's father.

but i digress from the actual GAME, impossible creatures is a game where you are given total creative freedom to create your own army of enhnced biological monsters in which you can make them incredibly powerful or ridiculously funny just by swapping a few legs or by giving a monkey wings.
this game is also very difficult in terms of strategy, most maps have multiple objectives which cause you to put either rex or lucy willing (whom saves rex from the coyote whatsits) into direct danger and if they die you must reset the entire level, although this is very frustrating at times it can aso add a sense of challenge to any level, because unlike other rts games they cannot defend themselves.

but before you can fight julius you must go through his cronies which usually escape at the end of the first and second levels involving them, this makes every enemy have about three stages before you can actually be rid of them.

so if your looking for a good game which will probably have a good price (seeing that its release date as some time ago) and low system requirements get this game and try out the campaign.