OMW! It's a Leoperd Snake!

User Rating: 4.3 | Impossible Creatures PC
Okay, this is one of the best ideas that any one has come up with. Mixing animals to get a special creature with cool powers? Who would have thought of that?

You get a load of animals that you can mix up and each animal has it's own special abilities. Mix up the right creatures and you can have a awesome creature worthy of battle.

The creature mixtures are really well thought out and really well put together. The maps are also really well done.

I do however feel that I can't really play this game for to long. I get a bit irretated with all the screeching, hooting and wailing. Also it is just really irretating to play. I don't know why but it is. I enjoy making the animals up more than playing the actual game.

I think this is an okay game but I would rather watch out for it in my nearest second hand store to be honest.