Why no review?

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I'm confused, Impire has been  on the gamespot no1 on the top 10 games,frontpage, for 2 days by my counting. Why has there been no review, or mention of its existence proper?

I get the impression that there were not any pre-release copies sent out anywhere, but still...give it some attention.

For what its worth I like it, I've only played 8 hours or so- but ye it's good!

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Just because the place?! You are really taking serious!.

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The game is a breath of fresh air. It is real fun! I havent heard of it before I have played it and I thought that it is not going to be good. It turned out to be a lot of fun. On the top of that I got it at a great price. (http://www.kinguin.net/impire/impire-steam-key.html)