How is it?

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Anyone played this game yet? I'm curious how is the game. from the video it looks a lot like Overlord, one of my favorite games.

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Would also like to know ;)

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Better from the game Dungeons from Kalypso from what i hear.

It has some glitces but people say it deserves an 8.0

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a disapointment. its too 'clean' looking and gimmicky. not the DK replacement we need and deserve. I miss being able to plan my dungeons and rooms. the rooms are all a predetermined size, the creatures are bought not attractedd. big sigh from me. also the main demon is a tool.

we need bullfrog back its that simple. 

Playing on hard the first level, the tutorial, the boss is friggin impossible!

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It's heavy on the micromanagement and the interface is quite clunky. There's not a lot of base-building, it's more of a squad-based RTS. I'd wait to see if the devs polish up the gameplay with patches before buying.
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hoooly crap! thought Dungeon Keeper when i saw the pics!

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This game is nothing like dungeon keeper, its close to the complete opposite. As someone mentioned above, its more of a squad based RTS. Honestly I found the campaign too slow since theres no life in your dungeon to distract you, but I was probably looking for something like that because combat is just so uninteresting and theres no fun to be had with invading heroes, they just annoy me while I'm trying to fight through the corresponding campaign area. Theres very little depth to the game either.

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War for the Overworld is a Kickstarter funded game that's supposed to be more like Dungeon Keeper:

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Glitchy, bad gameplay and full of bad jokes. It's really unfinished and boring.

I was looking forward to it but honestly couldn't even stand for an hour.
Wfto will be successful I believe and hope.