Broken torch puzzle

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So the first time I solved the torch puzzle it worked, but a game bug corrupted my saved game, so I restarted the level. This time it had a new puzzle---still with colors, but with snow flake, sun, fire, etc... I have the solution, but this time it doesn't work. I am certain it is the solution. There is no contradiction with any of the clues. I also tried the torches both frontwards and backwards just in case the end to start from wasn't the one I remembered. It still didn't work. Clues: R is to the right of Blue Red is not next to Green Red IS next to Yellow Red is not in the middle. Green is somewhere to the right of Red Yellow is not at an end. Purple is next to only one torch (e.g. is at an end). Solution BRYGP Red is to the right of blue, the left of green, not next to green, not in the middle, and is next to yellow Yellow is not at an end. Purple is at an end. But it isn't working. Obviously trying all the solutions just to get past this would be ridiculous, and I have already restarted due to a game bug once. There is apparently no way to save multiple games. Any help? Pop
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THIS IS THE SOLUTION:when looking from your view not baals GYRWP