Ilomilo is completely under rated! It is unique, beautifully designed, and will make you feel like a kid again.

User Rating: 10 | ilomilo X360
This is my favorite XBOX Live arcade release and my favorite action puzzler to date!

Who am I kidding, it is one of my top 5 of all time based on pure enjoyability! It makes you feel like a kid again and not many games can truly do that.

Ilomilo is charming, with a lot of heart. Sure some might tremble at its sickly sweet flavor among friends, but when alone they will smile and giggle softly with child like delight. If given the chance your family and friends will too!

The simple story keeps it family friendly. You can play it with your children, like a parent searching for a lost child, with a friend, with family, or in a cozy romantic setting. It is heart warming and team building, reminding even the harden of hearts that, in this case at least, we all need someone.

The graphics are perfect, like a seamless storybook.

The challenge is perfect, you build up your skills and problem solving abilities, often depending on your local co-ops perspective. It is a great feeling to accomplish the puzzle, whether you did it alone, or because of someone else. It is high five excitement!

The music is simply perfect, so suitable and uplifting to any atmosphere. It makes you excited to play!

The additional characters offer humor and sadness, one moment you are laughing trying to make sense of it all, the next you feel a little sad for all those trapped in this strange little world and want to know more.

Check out the trailers, it will tug at your heart strings, and just let yourself have a little fun simply for the sake of it.

The game seems short if you "get help" via walkthroughs, but if you play it for yourself it will take awhile to figure out all the puzzles. Also it has a lot of re-playability because you figure out new ways to lower your score and fight for the leader boards. Plus you can earn a few neat achievements (200 but more coming soon). They are also releasing two new chapters on March the 9th, so I have my fingers crossed for even more expansions in the future.

At 800 credits (roughly $10) Ilomilo is a major bargain!