10 months after release, still garbage.

User Rating: 1 | IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover PC
Not going to bother going in depth about this game, it's not worth the time. Disgrace to the Il2 series is all that comes to mind. The developers kept secret its broken status by only releasing a few videos taken in the few areas that allow high framerates(AKA over water). Once you hit land however, the game becomes a stuttering slideshow. If you have a very high end machine, as in nvidia 580 and overclocked cpu, you might have acceptable fps. For anyone else, namely those who meet the system requirements but don't have top end systems, the game is unplayable. Maybe you can write the purchase off as a donation to 1C company. The devs pulled a fast one when making their minimum requirements. The devs are slowly working on patches to *maybe* improve quality, but good luck getting status updates. Their PR is terrible and they won't bother giving customers occasional updates so we know if there is any progress. Even if you can get past the ridiculous stuttering there are more bugs in this game than I've found in all my others combined. Exaggeration? Play and see for yourself. I'll sell you mine for cheap.

Unless you're a flightsim fanatic, or a brainless maddox fanboy, don't bother with this PoS.

That said, IF they fix the game I'll change my rating. At the moment though, the game patches are introducing as many bugs as they are fixing.


A patch was released that created as many problems as it fixed. Sounds are better, but what good is that if the game is a buggy, poorly optimized slideshow? The devs have completely stopped updating their forums with meaningful information. They do, however, take time to post a youtube video of banjo music just to irritate their critics to the delight off fanboys.

BTW, game isn't even in what I would call release condition 6 months later, but they are finding time to work on expansions.

This game is a disgrace to the old Il-2.


The game is still no better than the last update 4 months ago. Nothing but broken promises from the devs on their forums, which by the way has become so heavily moderated by power hungry fanboys that any statement of the poor condition of the game results in a ban. Devs only bother to visit and make a statement *MAYBE* once a month.

They are promising a full graphics overhaul, which was supposedly finished and in final testing 3 MONTHS AGO, but still isn't released somehow...

Of course they are already working on a new expansion even though the original game is still a pile of crap.

Most incompetent group of people I have ever seen.