Game is somewhat interesting but is a little repetitive

User Rating: 7 | IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey PS3
I rented IL-2 Sturmovik, Birds of Prey as I viewed the trailers on Game-spot, and it looked like it would be interesting. At first, I did not like the controls. I hard a little bit of a problem operating the plane and being able to accelerate. I also was having difficulty in line up the scope and shooting down planes. After a few hours of play, I passed the tutorial and went on to the first campaigns. The game is a little interesting but the downside is that the missions are not real long and they seem to be a repetitive. The arcade difficulty level makes it easy to play without worrying about being shot down. I am interested in World World II games, whether it would be flight simulations or first person shooters like Call Of Duty. I believe that Activision has made too many versions of Call Of Duty. I liked it better when it for World War II missions. I hope that they upcoming issued games Birds of Steel, Combat Wings and Air Conflicts Secret War are better. I wish that there were World War II bombing simulations and may be a submarine game. I think that companies like Activision could created some other games handling different modes of battle than what they have done with Call of Duty.