User Rating: 9 | IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey PS3
Review For IL-2 Sturmovik Birds Of Prey

2 games in one really- Arcade is a forgiving dogfighting game with a vastly better feel than Blazing Angels and Heroes over whatever...the graphics are jaw dropping, both planes and scenery and the SCALE is huge! In the Demo Blast your spitfire through a flight of 100 or so heinkels with messerschmitt 109 escorts then really muller-up some Stukas...planes are damaged according to bullet/shell impact (engine, pilot, wings come off , tails fly etc)..the physics are fairly real yet forgiving.
Alternatively crank the difficulty up to Sim and you have the FIRST proper flight sim on a current gen console- spitfires even pull to the right with the torque of the props- you'll need to to take the stick/pad sensitivity down to avoid stalling etc. This ramps up the difficulty but also the reward. There is realistic in between which has the pilot aids from arcade but with more sim physics..

have been trying for years to get a playable flight sim game.
One problem has always been difficulty, because my ability level is very low and i want an enjoyable experience.
The other problem for me has been the visuals.
This game has finally cracked it.
For the gifted player there are two hard difficulty levels that should challange anyone.
For me the Arcade setting (Which is the easiest setting) is very playable.
It is still challanging but you can learn before losing interest and then you can progress smoothly through the game.
As i write i have completed three quarters of it.
The graphics are the best i have seen including Microsoft's own flight simulator, HAWK and Blazing angels.
They are close to google earth quality images.
I cannot recommend this game strongly enough. It is brilliant fun and certainly the best flight sim / war game i have played.