The BEST(and only) PS3 flight sim!!

User Rating: 7.5 | IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey PS3
Good: graphics are nice, planes are well modeled, sound effects are decent with some voiceovers for pilot chatter, multiple difficulty levels, ability to fly different planes

Bad: 'simulation' and 'realistic' mode, controls, mission variety, map, load times

Okay, here it is. I played every iteration of IL2 on the PC, and even bought the Track IR device to track head movements, a Saitek flight stick, and pedals. I had an absolute BLAST with the PC version, and played nothing else for nearly a year. On the PC, this difficult to master flight sim with nearly every key on a standard keyboard doing something (adjusting the ration of oil-gas, etc.) was intense, but rewarding and fun as hell online.

However, the PS3 version is a much reduced little brother of its PC brother. Cheap deaths are far too abundant on the higher difficulty levels, with planes almost always stalling or spinning out on hard banks. This in itself is fairly realistic, but forcing the player to move the controller sticks in some kind of quick time event bites. Missions take a long time to load, and get pretty bland after a few sorties. The map is useless, and makes tasks like landing after a mission take-off from another airfield a serious hazard. Worth a rental before purchase.