User Rating: 9 | IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey X360
I had never heard of the sturmovik games before this one. But I have always like playing Flying Sims, such as Ace Combat and Hawx. But this one has to be one of the best I have played. The Missions are set in many different World War 2 battlefields such as Stalingrad, Berlin and even Dover.

The Graphics and Damage modeling in this game are fantastic, and Cockpit View looks even better. The Gameplay has an 'Arcade' mode and a 'Simulation' mode aswell, both are very different, and Simulation is extremely challanging, but never Frustrating.

Graphics 9/10
Slick, Clean and very Detailed, and the damage modelling is superb.

Gameplay 9/10
Feels epic and plays epic, Long campaign to keep you busy, plus a bot mode,

Multiplayer 9/10
Sometimes laggy, but otherwise Thrilling.

The Good
Lush Graphics
Great Campaign
Damage Modelling is Great
A Bot Mode
Two Different Play Styles For either the Hardcore or Casual Gamer

The Bad
Crap Voice Acting
Laughable Winston Churchill Impressions
The Same guy does all the storytelling voices, and impressions.

Epic Game, and should be played if anyone has a interest in either planes or WW2. But be prepared to put up with laughably bad voice acting.