A game that always was on the PC

User Rating: 9 | IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey X360
il2 Sturmovik birds of prey is one of the best combat game that has being realest on the Xbox 360. The game has drop mouth graphics and a a lot the best planes that were the most successful in WWII.

The game is basically about you being a WWII pilot who goes all around Europe, flying for the RAF and Russian Air force. In total there about 50 campaign missions and around the same amount in single player mode. The game has planes that range from the spitfire to even a B17.

The graphics are so realistict that sometimes i look to much how its presented and crash. The smoke and fire that comes off the plane is not as realistict as the land and planes that have being deigned.

Overall the game is worth buying but i'd suggest you hire the game before hand to see if you enjoy. I have always being in to planes and have played both of the blazing angels games this will always best it.

Peace out =)