If you named a ship anything. It has to be Ikaruga.

User Rating: 9.5 | Ikaruga GC
If you haven't hard of Ikaruga then you must have been playing too much Gears of War. Ikaruga is Number one in the SHMP ever in my opinion. Its cause its not just a move around and shoot things. Its more the fact that Japan has something to offer when it comes to Polarity.

As the game manual says, Shinra is your characters name and pilots the ship Ikaruga. mission to find something called the Stone-like and destroy it. Now if that isn't enough the game has much more interest then that. Polarity has a great effect in this game. You got 2 kinds of enemies, black and white. some of them shoot some don't. Now your ship can switch between polarities. When your black and the enemy is white, you do double damage, when the same, you do normal damage but if on normal difficulty will shoot back at you.

From the game mechanics this game can tell allot. Training is what this games needs if you want get a high score. Original set up for the arcade game is 2 lives and 3mil extended 5mil after. For the GCN this has allot of features. Normal game, Practice, Conquest, and Challenge. All to play the game but all to train you. This game takes memory. Memorizing everything to enemies and when to switch polarities.

For controls there is nothing to say, you can customize any way you want and no matter what you select, you can't put down the controller once you start playing this game.

For the bad. There is absolutely nothing bad about this game. It is completely perfect for everything. playing 2 player you need to know your friend can play or go on easy.

To sum this up, if you ever find the GCN Ikaruga at your local gamestop. Buy it, don't think. because for a game like this, you can't pass it up.