Ikaruga is a game that may seem hard at first but soon becomes ridiculously easy.

User Rating: 10 | Ikaruga X360
When I bought Ikaruga for XBLA I knew what I was getting into. I played the game for a total of 7 hours before on the dreamcast. It was hard at first but after a while I knew the patterns. It had been almost a year since I last played the game when I bought this and found it surprising that I made it to last level still on my first life on normal mode. I admit that the game can be crazy hard, but if you just play it a lot you get the patterns down. The levels are designed in a great way for this.
If your bad at games you will probably not be able to beat this with the original 3 credits they give you (you gain an extra credit for each hour you play, eventually unlocking free play at 7 hours) which means you will probably have to replay the first 2 levels or so constantly. These levels are the longest out of this 5 level game but the easiest. This is good because you can get the patterns down easily enough to pass these 2 without getting hit at all within 30 minutes. Then you will find yourself getting to the 4th or 5th level and eventually learning what to do. I found myself disappointed when I got all of the achievements within the first 2 days.

The game is amazing to play alone and co op. It is a fun game. If you do not know the mechanics im not going to explain it. It is a good game that is not worth the buy because it is to short. If you have played nay of the other versions you know its not worth playing the game for 5 dollars. If you are generally bad at gaming you may find this hard and you may not beat it on your first try. This could give you more longevity to the game but is it really the longevity you want? The game is fun for the 1 hour it lasts though. Do not play this with someone else you do not know. It makes the game ridiculously harder cause they can get in the way of your chain combos and waste your credits. Within the first day I taught a friend the perfect way to go through the levels so we could play co op.

Great game that is just not worth the price.