This "mottled dove" flies high as an XBox Arcade download.

User Rating: 9.5 | Ikaruga X360
I had my first experiences with this extraordinary game back when I played my friends' copy on the GameCube. Out of all the arcade shooters I have played, few were as deeply challenging and innovative as this. My friend no longer owns Ikaruga for the 'Cube (and he no longer owns a GCN either) so I jumped at the chance to get this for my 360 Arcade collection.

The game is now presented in high-definition, so it looks even better than it did years ago. And, as always, it's a fiendishly challenging visual festival that only the maestros at Treasure can deliver. To sweeten the pot, there are now online Leaderboards as well as Achievements to earn, so you can prove to the world your excellent Ikaruga trigger-fingers. Of course, I'm far from being great--I totally suck at this game. But that doesn't mean the game isn't fun to play. This is truly a timeless shooter; probably one of the last great arcade shoot-em-ups of its time. Definately worth the 800 Microsoft Points!