On the line between Hard but Fun, and Too Hard to Handle

User Rating: 7 | Ikaruga X360
Ikaruga I got for two reasons. One is that I am a Anime fan Boy who loves everything from Japan. The second is that it got very high critic reviews. That means the critics are pretty beast to not find this game even a little bit frustrating. Like Galaga Legions, this game is very hard, to the point where you get really frustrated. I shouldn't be comparing it like that though since this came out first. Also, they are both frustrating hard and fun, but this is maybe twice as hard as Galaga Legions ever is. If you manage to get good at it though, you will enjoy it a lot, just like Galaga Legions. This game is a little bit harder to get used to though, because switching up the colors really makes the things go into another dimension of frustration, but also it makes it more fun to play. There are points in the game where once you see how many enemies just appeared on the screen, you will say to yourself "HOLY S***!," and when you beat them (In about five tries), you will have the sense that you have accomplished everything. In summary, This fast paced Shoot 'Em Up is extremely fun, but also really hard to the point where you think your head and a brick wall want to start meeting each other. If you are the kind of person who thoroughly enjoyed Galaga Legions, then get this game, for you will enjoy it to it's max capacity, or at least 80% capacity.