BRUTAL! in a good way

User Rating: 9 | Ikaruga X360
This is one of those games that is really fun to play and difficult to master.....very difficult to master. Now I've only gotten as far as the second level can it just get intense for myself. Every level you finish however you feel pretty much like a bad ass, and thats what keeps me coming back to try to get to the next level and feel that i completed hard. Anyway this is probably one of my top 5 picks for Xbox Live Arcade. It's an innovative game that uses different color enemies and you switch back forth between each color to destroy the enemies for more or collect their fired lasers. ie: black hurts white more, and is immune to black fire....and vice versa. The boss battle and so intense that you can see both black and white laser flyin everywhere and its hardd to decipher what color to be, but its an interesting game that should be worth playing just for the experince, because they're really isnt any game like it. Well for only 800 points its worth every cent and see if YOU can test your reflexes.