The game that will make your jaw drop, time and time again.

User Rating: 9 | Ikaruga X360
In an era where games are getting relatively simpler and much easier, this is a gem that outshines all the others with its cruel and punishing difficulty. But why would a difficult game be fun? Well, have you ever walked into an arcade and seen someone playing a game so insane that you couldn't believe that it could be done? This game is one of those games, from start to finish, you feel like you'd have to be something better than human to play this game, and after you're done playing it, you'll feel like you're something better than human. Ikaruga may look challenging, and I won't lie it is, the game is difficult from the moment you appear on the screen, only getting harder and harder as you go on. But as you play it more and more, you get better, and grow more attached to it. It becomes about beating the game, and from beating it you derive the greatest of satisfaction. Nothing feels better than accomplishing the impossible, and that's just what this game will do to you. The game play consists of your typical vertical shooter, only there are light and dark enemies, which shoot light and dark shots. Your ship, can switch between light and dark, and if it's light, it absorbs light attacks, and if it's dark, it absorbs dark attacks. You also use the shots you absorb to fire a special homing attack, which can be extremely useful during boss fights, or just in tight situations. The game starts off a little easy, but quickly changes pace and starts filling the screen with all kinds of light and dark attacks, forcing you to switch between light and dark just to survive the onslaught. It puts a unique spin on an old idea, and uses it as an excuse to ramp up the difficulty. If you are a fan of vertical shooters, or just looking for a game to put up a challenge, this is a game for you.