The good idea but the bad execution. This game lacks some spark, which could bring it the top.

User Rating: 7 | Ignite PC
At first I underrated this game, but after completing few races, I raised a score a bit. There is no story at all, but for a short arcade game it's not a necessary. I'll start with introduction of game - it's not like the most games, where you need to drive accurate and avoid objects, but here you get points from smashing road signs, which are used to unleash nitrous. There are several tracks and in different challenges the paths changes a bit. Also there are few modes in game, like last man standing and similar. Of course the most important part of the game are cars, which divides into three classes - muscle, street, race, and 5-6 cars in each class. You can use any car in each challenge, but you have to unlock them before. Each car has color themes witch gives different bonuses, point boost from drifting and etc. It gives a game a bit of life, because there no other upgrades or tuning for cars. Graphics are average, not edgy. Gameplay is very repetitive and opponents are easy. The most annoying thing in it was that you have to use nitro almost all the time you drive, so screen is shacking like crazy, it hurts my eyes. Apart of that it is a good arcade game. The price meets the quality, so if you feel an urge to drive cheap, buy it.